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Rules and Points


Cost of entry is $6 with an optional ace pot buy in of an additonal $1. Registration begins at 5:30 PM on a league night, refer to the events calendar for schedule. At 6:00 PM players are randomly assigned a partner and play begins. These events are CASH ONLY and players must be PRESENT in order to register.

The first time a player registers they will be asked which division they would like to play in. Divisions have no bearing on payouts or which partner they can be drawn with. Divisions only define who a player is competing against in the season long trophy race. Junior Division players must be <18 through the end of the season. Am players that win a divisional trophy must bump up to the pro division.

Rules of Play

  • You and a randomly chosen partner will progress through a double elimination 2-stage bracket facing opposing teams in a first to 15, win by two, contest where 25 feet seperate you and sweet victory.

  • Players are responsible for keeping up the pace of play and reporting for their matches promptly when called. The bracket is on display and availble via mobile devices through Failure to begin a match 5 minutes after the inital call will result in a forfeiture of that match by the team missing a player(s).

  • Teams begin play by performing a "flip" of a disc where one team flips and the other calls heads or tails. Winner of the flip will decide whether their team shoots first or second for the first round with the losing team going first in each subsequent round.

  • A player from each team, armed with two putters each, alternate putting at the basket whilst standing behind the shooting line. When each player has thrown their two putts, the round concludes and the scores for that round are added to the running total.

  • As the group stage and semi-final rounds take place within "circle one", no step, jump, or falling putts are allowed. All throws must be made from behind the shooting line and balance maintained until after the putter has come to a rest.

  • A single make results in 1 point. Making both of your putts in a single round, "doubling-up" nets your team 3 points.

  • Play continues with paired opponents alternating rounds until a team has at least 15 points scored and a 2 point advantage over the other team.

  • At the conclusion of a game, the winning team must notify one of the approved tournament directors or substitutes the final score of the match and which team won. The players are responsible for making sure the scores and winning team are recorded correctly.

  • The finals round will consist of a twist of the objective in some way including but not limited to an increase in distance, introduction of obstacles, a change in height or a modification of the basket itself.

  • If the final round twist results in the basket being placed outside of "circle one" (33 feet/11 meters) then step/jump/falling putts will be allowed.

Putting league has prizes each night for 1st through 4th places and a rolling ace pot.

  • 4th place - The very next week of play, not including ace pot, is covered. This only applies to the week immediately following the week where 4th place was won.

  • 3rd place - Dinner Winner, provided by Chick N' Bros food truck ( or Mezcla Colombian Eats (, $10 vouchers for each player, good for any purchase at the corresponding food truck. Food trucks and prizes alternate each week.

  • 2nd place - $20 plus a Crowler (that is a Growler in a can) of choice to each player, provided by Hapas Brewing Company, the title sponsor of the SVDGC Putting League

  • 1st place - $5 of each entry less the $40 paid out to 2nd place.

  • Ace-pot If a team goes undefeated in a night, the rolling ace pot will be paid out in addition to the first place winnings. At least one player from the Aceing team must have paid into the ace pot for it to be paid out.


League Points

Along with the weekly payout, there is a season long competition for being crowned the overall champion of each of our three divisions, Pro, Am and Junior (<18). Each player recieves 1 point for attendance and 1 point for each game that their team wins. If a team manages to go undefeated, "Aces", then each player on that team will recieve 3 bonus points that night. At the end of the season, points will be totalled up and the overall winners of each division will be awarded a trophy to mark their achievement.

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