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New to Disc golf

  • What is Disc Golf?
  • What are the Rules of Disc Golf?
  • What Equipment do I need?
    To start playing, all you need is a Midrange and a Putter.
  • Where can I buy discs?
    Helm of Sun Valley, local sporting stores, and online. Keep in mind that all Current Silicon Valley Disc Golf Club Members receive 15% off disc items and 50% off on Helm branded gear!
  • Who can play?
    Anyone can play!!!
  • What is UDisc?
    With over 500K downloads, UDisc is a popular app that keeps score, help find other disc golf courese, track your stats, measure throws, and more. If you plan in particpating in any of our major club tournaments or weekly leagues, make sure to download UDisc.
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