What's planned for 2022 you ask...

Doubles - Saturday is being played at Kelley Park. Perry is managing a random draw double A & B random draw

Check-in: 9:30

Shotgun Start: 10:00 am

$7 membership

$8 non-member

$1 optional ace pot

Triples - Sunday Aaron is hosting random draw triples at La Raza

Check-in: 9:30AM

Start Time: 10AM

$10 membership

$11 non-member

$1 optional ace pot

Philly is looking at starting up a putting league after the first of the year at a new location start date and time is still being finalized. Also, Philly is planning to start a 6-week winter series in February at Kelley.

The club hosted the very successful Silicon Valley Classic back in October and look for that tournament to return in 2022. Also in the works could be the return of the Mezmerize Tournament next year.

We also hope to host the ACE race late next year as well.

In addition to the above-mentioned tournaments, the club has a few other fun events planned to celebrate our 25th year with monthly events at all courses next summer.


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