Tuesday Triples Update

Hola guys a this is an update for triples, last night we used the short teepads on a few holes to keep the speed of play up and we finished before it got too dark which was awesome. But if we had had a super group out we wouldn't have finished, and since I never know when a super group is gonna be there until its there, last night was sadly the last Tuesday trips for the season. Also since Jeff Aldinger is running his singles league on Sundays I'm gonna wait for that to finish before starting Sunday triples up. This'll let you guys focus on shooting those hot rounds and leave me a few more weekends of freedom before starting the fall leagues up. Its been a fun season, and I wanna thank all you guys that showed up and made it even more fun. Nothing like winning some money while playing disc golf. So look for Sunday triples to be starting up the first weekend of October. Be there and help me build this ace pot back up so I can cap it and build up a reserve. And since it'll be Sunday I can use some of my secret pin positions and make it more challenging for you guys. Cheers yall!

- Aaron Scheid

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