Tomorrow's SJ Giants event details


There is street parking on Alma Ave. and in the municipal parking lot (entrance on Alma Ave.) between the ballpark and the Sharks Ice building. If the lot gets full the Giants are trying to arrange to open the ball golf driving range parking lot that is right across the street from the ballpark. Parking is free.

Entrance requirements:

There are no physical tickets. When you purchased your tickets you were assigned a time to arrive. You can either print out the confirmation you received, or show a screenshot of the confirmation, or tell them the confirmation number, or just tell them your name to enter the event. They have a list of names that paid for the event that they will cross-check against.


We will try our best to put people together in groups of four or five to play the round. So there may be some slight delay at the start as people gather unless you already have a group that you’re playing with.

Course information:

The first four holes are technical and/or blind putter shots behind and in the tunnel under the bleachers. On the field, the shots are roughly 250’, 350’, and 250’. In the bleachers, the shots are roughly 120’ but technical.

Bring your own discs to enjoy the course:

You don’t need a full bag but you’ll need a couple of putters with different stability characteristics, maybe a mid-range, and a driver or two.

Other activities:

The Radar Gun and Speed/Accuracy activities will be located between holes five and six, and you will play them as part of your round. In the speed and accuracy event, you will get 12 putters provided by us and you will have 60 seconds to see how many you can throw through a hula hoop at normal basket height about 45’ to 50’ away. That’s one throw every five seconds. The radar gun speed test will measure how fast you can throw your disc into a net about ten feet in front of you.

The Hole-in-One event is a separate event that you can play during or after your round. It’s $1 per throw and the person who gets the most aces will win a prize that will be sent to them after the event. There may be other prizes for these additional activities, but we’re still working that out.