San Jose Giants Disc Golf Event

Hey Disc Golfers!

The San Jose Giants, Silicon Valley Disc Golf Club, and Whirlwind Disc Golf will be

presenting a disc golf event at Excite Ballpark in San Jose on June 19, 2021. This fun

family friendly event will feature nine disc golf baskets setup in and around the stadium,

a speed/accuracy test, and a radar gun speed test.

For the price of admission players in groups of four to five players will play one round of

nine holes and take the speed/accuracy and radar gun tests. There will also be a

separate walk up and pay hole-in-one event that players can participate in at any time

throughout the day. Barbeque and beverage service will be available in the stadium’s

VIP seating area throughout the event.

Whirlwind Disc Golf will be setting up their mobile store with a huge inventory of unique

and sought-after discs for purchase. They will also have an assortment of discs

stamped with the event logo.

Tickets are being sold for designated 30 minute starting time slots between 11:30am and

6:00pm to choose from to begin play. Ticket holders may enter the ballpark at any time

before their start time to enjoy the barbeque and beverages and shop at the Whirlwind

Disc Golf mobile store before they begin their round. They may also enjoy doing that

after they have finished playing their round.

If you want to volunteer to staff one of the activities/holes, then please read the

important message below (volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket for the event).


$25.00 to play and receive the commemorative stamped Innova DX Aviar disc

$15.00 to play, no commemorative disc

$5.00 to be a spectator (spectators may accompany a paid participant through the

course but may not throw any discs, or they can hang out in the VIP seating area to

watch the activities)

Walk up and pay Hole-in-one event at $1.00 per throw


This link will take you directly into the SJ Giant’s reservation system to purchase tickets

for the June 19 disc golf event.

Register Now!!!


We need 24 volunteers (12 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon) to help us set up

and breakdown, and to staff each hole and event. Volunteers will get to play for free and

they will receive a commemorative disc and a voucher for food and beverage.

Preference will be given to current SVDGC members.

The morning volunteers will need to be at the ballpark by 9am to help us setup the

course and staff the events, and can begin playing the event in the 2:00pm to 2:30pm

time slot. The afternoon volunteers will play the event in the 11:00am to 11:30am

starting time slot and will perform their volunteer duties from 2pm to 7pm.

Volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket for the event!

The two links below will take you to the volunteer sign-up sheets from which 24

volunteers will be chosen.

Morning Volunteering Sign up for 9am - 2pm

Afternoon Volunteering Sign up for 2pm - 7pm