Putting League Begins TONIGHT!!!

Tuesday night, January 11th at Hapas in San Jose!

460 Lincoln Ave, Ste. 90

San Jose, CA 95126

Please arrive NO LATER than 5:30 for signups, begins at 6pm.

All members, including junior members (boys and girls) are welcomed

Hapas does serve food BUT there will be a chicken food truck available to order if you get hungry.

Cost to play is $5.00, you can also join the ace pot** for an additional dollar.

All players please bring 2 putters to participate.

Double elimination, bracket style

Like doubles and triples, winning team takes home the pot. Second place team gets their money back.

**if a team goes undefeated that team wins the ace pot. If no one goes undefeated, ace pot carries over to next week.

Look forward to seeing you all there!


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