Honoring Doug Korns

It has been a remarkable year! We hope you and your family are doing okay and we look forward to a better next year for all. We want to take time to thank Doug Korns, our retired President, for contributing over 20 years and thousands of dollars to SVDGC and the betterment of Disc Golf in Silicon Valley and Bay Area.

Doug’s Disc Golf history in Silicon Valley goes way back to the 1980’s when he formed the Flying Deuces Disc Golf Club. The Deuces played object courses, at the break of dawn with no one around, at Lake Vasona, Foothill College, De Anza College and a variety of other locations in the south bay. Long live the spirit of the Deuces. Doug’s disc expertise/talent is not limited to Disc Golf.

He has world class talent as a Freestyler and is very well skilled in most of the disc disciplines. Doug has coached juniors in disc skills with some of his proteges playing on the San Jose Spiders’ Professional Ultimate Frisbee Teams. We have been most fortunate to have Doug through the years.