Guadalupe river park & gardens disc golf course

Heads up! There will be a Community Zoom Meeting tomorrow (Wednesday December 8 at 5:30pm) to explore Phase 1 park improvements within the Guadalupe Gardens. This area has previously been discussed as a possible area to install a disc golf course. A few of us setup and played a temp course at this location on a few occasions many years ago. Community input and interest level is a very important step in the final outcome of how this space will be utilized. So please try to attend the virtual meeting if at all possible. We received the email below from Ash Namdar with more information about this initiative. I was only able to post a screen shot of the flyer about the Zoom meeting, but you can manually enter the Zoom meeting link in your browser to attend the meeting.

From Ash Namdar: “First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ash Namdar, and I am the Operations Manager of the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. We are responsible for helping maintain a three mile stretch of the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens. I grew up here in San Jose, playing every disc sport imaginable, whether it be Disc Golf, Ultimate, Freestyle, Double Disc Court, you name it, I've played it. I am sure I have run into many of you at Hellyer in the late 90's playing Disc Golf with Nate Fairchild and Doug Korns, or randomly throughout the years as La Raza, Kelley, and Villa Maria were developed. I know I have had several conversations with Jim Challas at Kelley and Villa Maria about disc golf, and I am here to invite everyone to a community zoom meeting tomorrow evening in hopes of starting a conversation to add another course to our area!

The area we are looking at is within the flight path of the San Jose Airport, a 40 acre plot of land between Asbury Street (Just on the other side of Columbus Park), to Hedding Street. This plot is being abated in a three stage process (which has already started), and the City is looking to activate it. Disc golf has been mentioned several times, and I am hoping to be able to get the community on board with it. The whole space may not be available for disc golf once abated, but I am confident we might be able to find enough room for at least 18 holes.”

- Thomas Wong

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