Don't Litter

It's a good reminder to all members and players that are out playing our courses or any other course for that matter DO NOT LITTER! If you packed it in you should pack it out and put trash in one of the many trash cans around the courses. I like others are often picking up trash while out playing to keep the course clean. We wouldn't need to be cleaning up after others if everyone did their part and didn't litter. Cigarette butts and bottle caps are some of the items that I continue to pick up but there are cans, plastic water bottle caps, and other items left on the course that shouldn't be there. If you play with anyone that feels it's OK to drop their trash on the course please correct that behavior!

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all county parks and on all trails. That includes all 4 Disc Golf Courses.

If you need a reminder of county park rules, review here