Bag Tag Pickup

When: February 13th

Time: 9AM - 3PM

Where: Kelley Park DGC

Thanks for being patient while we try to match the first 50 tags to last year's members and get the membership tags sorted out and ready for pickup tomorrow from 9 am - 3 pm.

The club will be at Kelley Park tomorrow to give out as many bag tags as we can to save on mailing costs. If you can't make it but a friend you see regularly will be coming to Kelley Park we are happy to pass your tag to that member. Please just send me a note if you want us to give your tag to a certain person.


For those that can't pick up tags tomorrow, we will work on mailing the remaining tags out next week.

If you haven't joined yet you are welcome to come by and purchase your membership at Kelley Park. Please bring exact change or your check paid to Silicon Valley Disc Golf Club ($30 for the primary member and $20 per family member).

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