De La Raza


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Park setting dedicated to disc golf with large trees on most fairways. Some small elevation changes. Multiple pin positions, with "current position" indicators on the tee signs. Practice basket and facilities onsite.


# Holes: 9

Parking Fee: Free

Course Fee: Free

Course Length: 2,635-3,856ft

Course Tour

9-hole layout

Basket Locations
A Position: 285ft
B Position: 365ft
C Position: 415ft
D Position: 420ft

Hole 1

Basket Locations
A Position: 355ft
B Position: 420t
C Position: 465ft

Hole 2

Basket Locations
A Position: 240ft
B Position: 315ft
C Position: 370ft

Hole 3

Basket Locations
A Position: 385ft
B Position: 400ft
C Position: 500ft

Hole 4

Basket Locations
A Position: 300ft
B Position: 385ft
C Position: 485ft
D Position: 500ft

Hole 5

Basket Locations
A Position: 225ft
B Position: 270ft
C Position: 295ft

Hole 6

Basket Locations
A Position: 290ft
B Position: 365ft
Position: 440ft

Hole 7

Basket Locations
A Position: 290ft
B Position: 355ft
C Position: 385ft
D Position: 410ft

Hole 8

Basket Locations
A Position: 265ft
B Position: 340ft
C Position: 471ft

Hole 9


  Hellyer Park 

5 min. Away

Image by Jared Brashier

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Course Reviews

Difficulty is felt throughout. Tight controlled throws with booming distance is needed. Great variety with shot selection. Some OB and marked well throughout. Friendly people on my first visit. Welcomed me into their group. Apparently you can see quite a few pros playing the weekly tourneys.

- Armando Lopez

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